A Rocky New Year!

Andy as Dr. Frank-n-Furter    Thashana as Janet Weiss    Devin as Brad Majors
Tracy as Riff Raff Brandy as Magenta Wendy as Columbia
Genius as Dr. Scott Adam as Rocky Rien as Eddie
Thomas as the Criminologist Emmy as Trixie

RHPS_123104_001.jpg RHPS_123104_003.jpg RHPS_123104_004.jpg RHPS_123104_005.jpg RHPS_123104_006.jpg
RHPS_123104_007.jpg RHPS_123104_009.jpg RHPS_123104_010.jpg RHPS_123104_011.jpg RHPS_123104_014.jpg
RHPS_123104_015.jpg RHPS_123104_018.jpg RHPS_123104_019.jpg RHPS_123104_020.jpg RHPS_123104_022.jpg
RHPS_123104_023.jpg RHPS_123104_024.jpg RHPS_123104_026.jpg RHPS_123104_039.jpg RHPS_123104_041.jpg
RHPS_123104_042.jpg RHPS_123104_045.jpg RHPS_123104_047.jpg RHPS_123104_061.jpg RHPS_123104_069.jpg
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