The Basics:

We take these photos for the people in them, because we love them and they have been kind to us

If there is a photo you want removed, as long as you are the one in it, we will take it down. We might make a fuss over it because you look good, but we are still at your service and will do as you ask.

Do not use these photos to be malicious to anyone. We have no means to enforce this, but expect those visiting this collection to just be as kind as we are to people.

When requesting photos, please either know the model, or at the very least put them in contact with me. If someone says they have me/us as photographers, please confirm it with us.

If your band wants to use these photos for album covers, T-shirts or even toilet seat covers (it could happen) go ahead! Just let us know so we can show our parents that we're not slackers.

And some questions we hear often...

Will you take my picture?


Do you do Weddings?


Who are these pictures for?

If you are in them then its for you. The links go up primarily through our Facebook, but keep checking here if you don't see them.

Can we use the pictures for Facebook/Fet Life/Model Mayhem/Find-a-Goth/etc.?

Yes. It's your picture. We only ask that if you are going to modify it, please let us see first.

What do you charge?

Nothing usually. We do accept donations (Guest list, cookies, spare change for gas, rear wheel drive Mercury Cougar) for special shoots, but we do this mostly for the love of the scene.

Do you sleep with your camera?


Can you hook me up with the pretty goth chicks?

Wen gets this question, not Ray. If Ray hears this he will become angry. You don't want to see him angry.

Why do you take pictures?

We have had many answers to this, but it all boils down to just having something for Ray to do. Its sort of a zen thing, or a giant snowball rolling down a hill. It'll end in either a wonderfull moment, or we'll hit a tree. Plus it seems to make people happy when the flash blindness finally wears off.