Does anyone even care?

It’s like causes are a pop culture thing now. We have been reaching out to get help with our name and finally got a response.

The original people who started the campaign quit when they got theirs.

*I’m guessing right now no one is even reading this. Because no one cares. It’s happening to someone else so why should it matter?

*At the time I originally posted this I was in a poor state of mind. With no responses to any of the photos (the primary reason for this blog), I had no idea this section of the page was reaching anyone. This is a daily struggle that I do not seem to be winning. Also the “no one cares” refers to earlier “pop culture protest” in the first paragraph. I’m not so daft to think that our friends abandoned us.

4 thoughts on “Does anyone even care?”

    1. Right now we’re trying the mail thing on the front page. This was in response to the lack of support from those who started the #mynameis tag. It’s just a waiting game right now.

  1. You guys I love you, however this self loathing shit is getting old. People do care for you, but we also got our own shit to deal with. My best advice to keep fighting and not give up. Being your own advocate can talk a lot of you, but it gets the job done. I have to not only advocate for myself, but for my kid.
    The community has your back, you just need to let us know you are still there…okay?

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