How’s Your Morning 04-21-16


Vacationing on the European server so I made my Hetzer a new set of clothes.

On a more serious note, my depression is making progress on the FB name issue nearly impossible. It seems any little thing sets it off with the possibility of dangerous results (As I learned yesterday while going out to get breakfast). Also, even though I try to keep it out of posts it’s gonna be there from time to time. I’m leaving it there rather than editing it out so if I ever get to the point of getting help, I won’t have to rely on my horrible memory.

2 thoughts on “How’s Your Morning 04-21-16”

  1. hey its 7, i had to make new profiles due to the same its a pain in the ass but make new profiles and a back up.go through peoples friends list to add lost contacts. its what i had to do. i got 3 back ups ready myself.lub u lots guys!

    1. 2000 People, being very public and some of the people I pissed off now know where to find me. It’s a little too late for secret accounts.

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