How’s Your Morning 04-21-16


Vacationing on the European server so I made my Hetzer a new set of clothes.

On a more serious note, my depression is making progress on the FB name issue nearly impossible. It seems any little thing sets it off with the possibility of dangerous results (As I learned yesterday while going out to get breakfast). Also, even though I try to keep it out of posts it’s gonna be there from time to time. I’m leaving it there rather than editing it out so if I ever get to the point of getting help, I won’t have to rely on my horrible memory.

Does anyone even care?

It’s like causes are a pop culture thing now. We have been reaching out to get help with our name and finally got a response.

The original people who started the campaign quit when they got theirs.

*I’m guessing right now no one is even reading this. Because no one cares. It’s happening to someone else so why should it matter?

*At the time I originally posted this I was in a poor state of mind. With no responses to any of the photos (the primary reason for this blog), I had no idea this section of the page was reaching anyone. This is a daily struggle that I do not seem to be winning. Also the “no one cares” refers to earlier “pop culture protest” in the first paragraph. I’m not so daft to think that our friends abandoned us.